Rabiul Awal

I am a 2nd year CS master’s student at University of Saskatchewan. I work with Professor Michael Horsch and Roy Ka-wei Lee. I am also a member of SocialAI.Studio based at SUTD.

I have 2+ years research experience in multilingual NLP, transfer learning, language+vision and deep learning. I have worked on 5+ projects in NLP/DL and published 3 papers in conference venues.

Before moving to Canada, I worked as a software engineer for 2 years at a high-growth startup. My key skills are Python, Pytorch, NoSQL, AWS and ElasticSearch.

I am running a Dhaka-based reading group on NLP research since summer21 [website].

Resume / LinkedIn


Please send me an email if you are interested in collaboration or anything related to deep learning research.

r.awal @ usask dot ca
awalrabiul6 @ gmail dot com

updated July 2022