sexual frustration in YOUTH minds

by Rabiul Awal on August 2, 2017

I think sexual frustration is one of the driving reason for rape or sexual assault related issues. that sex taboo which still exists in society, we need to do something about it. these days, I’ve spent some hours studying on sex, sex education, sex diseases, sexual frustration, relationship and sexual desire.

I’m quite sure people around me know a little about sex and PEOPLE are DEPRIVED of GOOD SEX. we must open the knowledge of sex education and people’s RIGHT to good and healthy sex. most of our youth are sexually frustrated and without overcoming this frustration we can’t stop rape. killing people for crime is not a solution, in no way. let’s first cure this frustrating and depraved mind and break the social taboo.

people desire for something so much obvious and natural, we need to talk about it, discuss it and we should do what is right to cure ill minds. SEX DEPRIVATION n FRUSTRATION matters. n lastly SEX EDUCATION might be a solution.