Thoughts on Sararah App

by Rabiul Awal on July 30, 2017

what people are saying about you, how your surroundings judge you, how you’re being treated by – these things are important. Apps like Sarahah where one can send someone anonymous texts, those texts can be any type. bad, good, loving, annoying, sarcastic, disturbing, flirting, hateful – whatever it is you’re reading those texts, your brain is working with that words.

if those messages contain anything which isn’t pleasant for you, maybe bullying or hate words. it may bring some bad/guilty feeling in your heart. I’m not saying every user will face this anonymous attack. but it’s anonymous using creates a great possibility.

the question is should you be judged by someone who is anonymous, who is not close to you, who know you a little? judgment from someone who is anonymous I don’t think those are important. mass people know you a little, in most case, they may judge you wrong. and those wrong judgment might be enlightened by Sararah type app.

when someone makes wrong points about me, use bully or hate words – in most case it took 2 or 3 days for me to recap.

people judgment to you matters. so, what Sararah showing you, that matters. words may kill you. when we’re accepting tech, we should think about that, is it good or not, it’s long run effect on human psychology, the pattern of users, what to care what not to care. life is beautiful, but others may ruin your life. don’t let people rule your life., sararah is a craze, which longs a very little; so be careful.