CS study in Bangladesh

by Rabiul Awal on June 5, 2017

Computer science is the study of problems, problem-solving and the solutions that come out of the problem-solving process. The whole process follows an algorithm which is a step by solution to the specific problem. Yeah, computer science is a beauty! I love it.

In my sense, computer science education should lead its students to a very logical, rational n perceptive life. Isn’t is usual? But pathetic thing is – it’s not like that around me/us (almost). Still lots of us don’t know what we’re reading/doing, why reading/doing so (don’t want to know/care!). The philosophy isn’t followed or practiced – the way it should be. Memorizing sheets, copy pasting templates, caring for grade falsely n determining future just like a false educated slave. I feel sorry that I also couldn’t understand the philosophy earlier (trying to).

In this region, people lack reasoning in their usual way n that’s why we’re less civilized. At least students of math, physics or science must have a sensible judgment on life n surroundings. They should have a progressive mind for the world. When I see the four years journey of logical study don’t do so – I feel bad n hopes are fucked up.