Thirst for a real conversation

by Rabiul Awal on June 12, 2017

I hate it when people leave me in the middle of a serious conversation. offensive. when I’m talking with someone I’m thinking on it, my brain is working, right? you just can’t leave a conversation without permission. my brain feels bad when someone does so. this is all about basic norms.

we’re moving greatly in internet related things, our life is being so much engaged with it. I think people should have some sense of internet using or there should be some code of conduct.

another point, texting is about sharing views. it’s important. don’t convert it to just a couple of words like hmmm, yep, great, hi, hello, how r u and some emos. I hate this type of people. people should write long texts to express his/her words. I think me, Yasin sir and Mashpy vai are the three good men on this planet who love this way, long texts! emos are pathetic. I hate the emo which people usually use to express, he/she is angry or not okay. sometimes I wish to slap people for that emo and typing in banglish format is unpleasant n disturbing.