learn to code for efficient CS degree

by Rabiul Awal on August 20, 2017

Learning how to program is good for CS people. The knowledge/logic what we learn/develop while taking Basic C course, it will extend in several courses. The fundamental logic development of writing program/code is a must but many of us care a little. As huge students join into CS program without any prior plan, many couldn’t keep pace with the whole academic process. If you miss the very basic programming course, you’re going to miss everything. yes, everything.

Feedback loop

In my view, it’s a loop. If you learn C, you will easily get into C++, Java, OOP courses. Then, Data Structure and Algorithms + DBMS + OS + Web Engnr + AI + etc.

What I can assure if you’re avoiding programming you’re not behaving smartly and will suffer. I think I’ve put less effort than others (who don’t love to write code) in several courses, cause courses are too much interrelated. This is the fun part and most important part you may acknowledge. I followed the loop and it became efficient for me. Developing a program writing ability helps academically a lot in CS area.


There is a popular myth that programming is tough. I don’t think so. what I observed while teaching some students. The habit of learning anything in our region is quite problematic or conceptually misled and somehow many of us believe that – we can get a degree putting a very short effort or we always disagree to work hard. And I see the problem is this belief.


I wonder why people join CS if they don’t love programming or don’t want to spend some hours for his/her degree – but Bangladesh education system or philosophy of receiving degree sucks.