pride and prejudice – public university of Bangladesh

by Rabiul Awal on November 10, 2017

as a public university student, you need to understand it very clearly that, the way you’re getting a degree considering all the systems, contents, materials, opportunities – it lacks a lot and it’s kinda below standard. I see some people are reviewing NSTU as a great university and mentioning they have 20 teachers (4 PhDs), 2 classrooms and 1 lab in his/her department. And with all of this, we’re going to conquer the world and earn a lot!

you may lack infrastructure and others educational materials, but you shouldn’t believe that you’re complete and what you’re getting that’s the best. What we’re getting that is below standard and we need to look forward and gather more anyhow considering our lacking – not feeling pride in incompleteness. This type of childish psychology is destructive and not good in nature. You lack in many ways – foods, clothes, utilities, livings, contents, mentors, research, passion, supports, opportunities etc etc etc. In fact, we lack mostly in PHILOSOPHY.