Fake news, a threat to minority

by Rabiul Awal on November 11, 2017

Facebook is facing quite odd situations after the complaint of Russian influence in U.S president election through sponsored fake pages. So far I’m following tech news, this is one of the core problems what Facebook or other tech giants are trying to fix in recent months.

Facebook is being vulnerable social media due to its uncontrollable fake newsfeed and this platform can easily be used for spreading fake news, propaganda or any kind of hate speech. Recent Rangpur issue and previous minority attacks were manipulated and influenced by Facebook fake feed. Now we see the guy who named ‘TiTu’ doesn’t exist in reality.

Researchers on several platforms are trying to find a worthy solution for this problem using intelligent systems. In Bangladesh, this fake news problem has no end and I think it is strongly creating chaotic situations mostly related in the field of politics and religions and pushing a continuous threat to minority people’s life. Marginal populations aren’t sincere about this chaotic tech and they’re believing what is fed to them through a fake news feed.

This is where better education and research come into play. We, ourself should employ our best efforts for solving this type of unstoppable problem by endorsing research and innovation. Solidarity with the minority people who are suffering from no crime. And making minority people’s life vulnerable, one day will turn into an ultimate threat to the majority.

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