Working Papers


  • AngryBERT: Joint Learning Target and Emotion for Hate Speech Detection [Under review]



  • On Analyzing Antisocial Behaviors Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, by Md Rabiul AWAL, Rui CAO, Sandra MITROVIC and Roy Ka-Wei LEE, arxiv-2007.10712. [Abstract] [Pdf] [Code]
  • On Analyzing Annotation Consistency in Online Abusive Behavior Datasets, by Md Rabiul AWAL, Rui CAO, Roy Ka-Wei LEE and Sandra MITROVIC, 14th International Conference on Web and Social Media - Data Challenge (ICWSM-DC’20), Atlanta, Georgia, U.S, 06/2020. [Abstract] [Pdf] [Code] [Slide]
  • I miss you babe: Analyzing Emotion Dynamics During COVID-19 Pandemic, by Lynnette Hui Xian NG, Roy Ka-Wei LEE and Md Rabiul AWAL, 4th Workshop on NLP and CSS (NLPCSS’20), Online, 11/2020. [Abstract] [Pdf] [Code]