Why we nstuan care for 22 Jun answered

by Rabiul Awal on July 15, 2017

I don’t have any feelings for 15th July, the official university day of Noakhali Science and Technology University! People of nstu (from 1st to 9th batch maybe, not sure) celebrated university day on 22nd June in every year, me too and we will love this day rest of ours life. We’ve lots of memories, feeling and fantasizing stories to tell about this very specific day. Yes, it’s 22 June of course, not 15th July.

Flashback. A story of 2014! I was a fresher that time. I can remember that year very clearly. That time university didn’t arrange any university day program officially. And interestingly some of us pointed this out and proposed that we should celebrate university day. There was no official program and we’re some newbies, didn’t aware of official formalities, didn’t know anyone that much, we feel like we should celebrate it, enjoy it, do something fun and we did it. We planned through Facebook, fixed a venue, ordered a cake, managed some colors and made a banner. Next day everyone reached the venue (ground floor of Academic Building 2). That day was fun! I can clearly remember we send some pieces of cake to Administrative Building (sarcastic). There was some painful political stuff too, we covered it somehow and it was celebrated finely. I have a couple of pictures of that day. After that, I’ve volunteered in some organizations, contributed in lots of programs/events, yes lots of. But 22nd June 2014 was the day where we started something collectively.

Maybe after two or three years, no one will know there was a day ’22nd June’, which was quite important for nstuans. Date changed, fine, lots of debate here. But we people who involved with 22nd June somehow, first to ninth batch, we may care for 22nd June always. Every year when there will be a grand celebration for 15th July, I may feel bad, a bit and remember old staff and will boycott 15th July cause it made 22nd June an orphan and totally nothing!