Why not semester break?

by Rabiul Awal on July 21, 2017

there should be some free weeks for students in an academic year, maybe two or three months. no class, no lab, no exam. totally free, no academic pressure. do what you love to do, just lots of free days, chilling, hanging out, traveling, reading books, art, culture, gaming, developing etc.

what kind of system it is where students are continuously busy with academic staff. no significant break in four years! students who are very responsible and attentive to, they have no gap to enjoy or do something freely.

throughout four bachelor years, one student is busy with lab, experiment, class hours, reading, assignment, and reading. it’s happening in a loop. it seems we’ve no life. no one. it’s a flaw full concept in my judgment. if you’re trying to do something out of assigned academic work (that’s why you’re reading so far, tons of theory), then I see NO SCOPE, NO TIME.

and teachers they have a life too, right? don’t they need any break? children, love, family – one should enjoy. why not like that? all the year long, being busy with the academic thing – what are the extra benefits here and how it works?