skipping classes, questioning, torture, problematic system and suicide

by Rabiul Awal on November 17, 2017

what are the reasons behind a student skip classes and do not care for study? usually, students skip classes or don’t pay attention in a class for two reason – 1) they lack prerequisites, 2) lectures are not interesting enough or teacher don’t know how to teach well. lacking prerequisites and letting students join to universities that’s another problem to discuss but today we don’t want to focus on that. let’s talk about bad teaching. those lecturers who teach/lecture well, I’ve seen student’s don’t skip those class. fact is if you’re a good teacher you have to have the power of having a strong control on your class, a creation of self-driven spirit in your student’s mind to learn and continuous study on how to teach better. these days huge people are joining at universities who are unqualified and they can’t teach better. so how they survive when they need to take classes? they survive by torturing students and making rules. unqualified people suffer from inferiority complex and they make rules to control people. intolerable pressure and torture turn students to a depressive and suicidal mental state what I want to discuss here.

[to be clear I’m not saying skipping classes is a good thing. staff at universities level don’t need hard rules to be done I believe. hard rules and torture may do not solve a problem otherwise create problems. we may focus on making things interesting or impressive to produce well-learned graduates. suicidal learning is a result of a bad system full of odds of inferiority crisis.]

as our economy is a very poor one, here only physical health matters. no one cares about mental health. two meals in a day, some clothes to wear and a place to sleep is a standard for a student or anyone else. mental health doesn’t matter in our society. but in reality, it matters into and it’s quite important. at a university, a student may face lots of new things- coping a new place, financial support to manage livings, classes, exams, new relations, unseen openness in surroundings and incapable of thinking from a wide angle etc. lacking prerequisites, getting admitted to the wrong subject, ‘family crisis’ or problems in the community, study pressure, bad teaching, torture from university people or other hundreds reason available – can turn anyone down to mental instability and push one to a suicidal state. a faulty system where most of the things are wrongly established may turn anyone into a mental health patient anytime. you face a problem, try to fix it, couldn’t find a solution, no one to help, loneliness and depression embrace you. mental health is an issue which is being ignored at public universities since long. is there any solution for these type of problem, any counseling or asking? no, we have none. but institutions must have counseling departments to handle mentally broken or depressed people. now if someone dies for depression or mental torture, who should be responsible? the individual or the system where he belongs? this question I wish to ask seriously to every one of you. are we saying that someone being depressed for a problematic system is his/her own problem? so he/she commit suicide, die and we have nothing to do!

we go to university, join classes and exams and end up being a graduate. thousands of students come to a university if someone dies who cares. and students may die being a mental health patient. universities itself a torture cell and many are dying out every day. no one to stop this, no one.

but I wish to point something different, something which has been stated by the student of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibar Rahman University who committed suicide recently. in a university many type students come to learn and all are not same. we see some who owns a strong revolutionary philosophy towards society, youthfulness in heart and a dream to change the world a better place. those guys talk about the problems, shout for solutions, ask people to think, ask the authority to answer. so how our system behave with them? they behave badly and try to stop these kids, torture them and make them think they are odds to society. torture works dear. stop, don’t ask, don’t shout, study hard without questioning, some leave everything. some couldn’t do so and die writing a suicide note like Arghya. that boy from BSMRSTU tried, asked, get tortured and found a solution to suicide thanking the system. now decision up to you, who is responsible for all of this. who?

[one student of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University committed suicide recently and stated it’s a failure of education system that he couldn’t survive.]